If you are an author and struggling to find the right book publisher to publish your book, then you are at the right place. With BeeSquare, it is easy for first-time authors to publish their book.

With the help of our team, we help you to release your book to the markets.

Beesquare Media inc is proud of this. We do not charge hefty fees from authors, the pricing is very reasonable which is only for guided book setup which would be below @1999 INR, If we think your book can make a great impact, we do everything for free and make a contract with Author.

Only for Budding Authors

We work with only new authors. Send us your manuscript to [email protected] with a synopsis and 2-3 sample chapters. We read your manuscript meticulously and get back to you. We determine books in 2 ways. Firstly if the book can make a great impact we make an exclusive agreement with Author and pay the one-time payment. As a new startup for new Authors, we may not pay huge. Authors can accept or reject the offer which is completely on their own decisions. In the second type, we charge money from Authors to publish a book to market, as mentioned it would be below @1999. The charges are for cover designing, ISBN, press release article and ebook formatting. However, the first 100 guided books would be added to our future traditional process. Once we turn full-fledged Traditional Publisher we may not work for guided publishing.

Process of Publishing:

We are new startup. We are planning to be full-fledged by 2022. The first 100 books will be automatically moved to our future traditional publishing. Authors receives 100% revenue share. The book will be revamped as per marketing standards.

With our guided publishing. We publish your paperback book on amazon and ebook in Google-play and kindle. We design your book a cover, ISBN, book posters, book trailer. We will market your book to international amazon and barnes noble. We will also send your book to Google News and press release News.

Please Note : 18% GST may be applicable ( May be exempted upon request), Shipping and Delivery Charges will be extra.

Additional Book Options

If we think your book need extra care, we recommend to take help of our team, either it can be marketing, formatting , author personal website and comprehensive editing. The decision is competely on Authors.

Comprehensive Editing

Comprehensive Editing is done by professional writers. With this editing, we not only check for grammatical errors but also the fluency, plot, and story flow so that readers feel comfortable while reading.

Distribution: Authors need to opt for distribution on flipkart and Amazon India. Since these charge 50% margins. You can opt these service as add ons. However your book will be available on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk always without any charges.

Author Website – With Basic setup includes Author Bio, Book Bio, Online link Purchase, Domain(.in or co.in )

Contact us at [email protected] for details or use our chat feature to discuss with us. Send us your manuscript [email protected]

if you book is selected we will get back to you.